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Tooth Gems

Add a little sparkle to your smile. 

Your local Sacramento Tooth Gem Expert offering you to add a little sparkle to your pearly whites! Tooth gem is a when a small rhinestone jewel is attached to the surface of a tooth using an adhesive.

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Everything you need to know about your sparkle smile. 

Does the application procedure hurt?

Not at all.

The procedure is similar to placing an orthodontic bracket (braces)on a tooth.

There is no drilling involved & the procedure is completely painless.

What are Tooth Gems?

A small rhinestone jewel is attached to the surface of a tooth using an adhesive.

Some are small stones in the center of the tooth, other times people elect to place a jewel-encrusted cap over their teeth.

How long does the application procedure take?

The application

 takes 20 minutes.

Will I feel the crystal on my tooth?

Swarovski Crystals are small in diameter (only 2mm.

Initially something on your tooth will feel different, but a few days after the application you will get used to the new feeling.

How long will the tooth jewelry stay on my tooth?

A tooth jewel
will stay on
until you decide
to have it
removed by
your dental professional.

Do you have other swarkoski tooth gems or styles?

Absolutely! We offer various styles. Text our Sacramento office to see what tooth gems we have in stock.

How do I remove the tooth jewellery when I no longer want it?

Our tooth jewelry is


Therefore a dental professional must remove the tooth gem. 

The tooth will be buffed and polished to remove any remaining bonding material.

What if the jewel falls off and I swallow it?

Our crystals have no sharp edges.

It would basically come out “the natural way 😂

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