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HELP! I HATE MY MICROBLADING / OMBRE BROWS / TATTOO Emergency tattoo removal! From Horror To Okay!

Now more than ever, Brows are responsible for our facial expressions, in todays Pandemic Mask Wearing era, therefore when you get your eyebrows tattooed and you don't like them, it can be terrifying.

Trust me, I know. It happened to me (read My HORROR STORY),

So you got your eyebrows microbladed or ombre powder brows and you hate them ? They are too dark? Too big? Uneneven? Wrong color? Assymetrical? COMPLETELY WRONG SHAPE! Believe me, we have heard and seen it all!! UNFORTUNATELY!!!! Emergency Tattoo Removal might be able to help you. (Side note: you can also have botched lip tattoo, eyeliner, scalp micropigmentation, freckle tattoo, regular tattoos, but our most common is brows, so we are going to highlight brow permanent make up in this article, but please know that the topics below can very well apply to any permanent makeup/tattoo division)

NOTICE TO READER: In this industry it is imperative that you research your brow artist more than ever, for a tattoo that will be on your face for the next 3 years. EVERY ARTIST IS DIFFERENT! (Check Out My Other Post About Why Price Should Be The Last Question You Ask Your Artist) This is NOT like walking into Target vs. Walmart expecting to walk out with the same Maybeline Brow Pencil, what I mean by this is you can be certain that no matter the price you pay, you are still buying the same thing. When it comes to your microblading / ombre brow tattoo, there are so many variables so please make sure that you are doing your due diligence when selecting your artist to prevent yourself from needing an EMERGENCY REMOVAL.

However, even with doing your research because we are dealing with a live organ, your skin, you might find yourself in need of removal due to your eyebrows changing color (especially if your brows were tattooed the OLD FASHION WAY, YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!!! Those sharpie eyebrow tattoos that changed color to a green/blue in the 90s! ) being too ashy, too orange/red, blue, green, black. Make sure you check out our post about the advances in permanent makeup, and why permanent make up now looks natural.

Ok now that we got that crash course out the way, lets get back to talking about emergency tattoo removal, so you got your eyebrows botched and you want them off! I have good news for you! You have to act fast, but here in Sacramento, CA We can help you!.... as long as...

  • It has NOT been more than 72 hours since you got your tattoo

  • It has NOT started to scab.

Please note that these two reasons are for your own safety to ensure we do not damage your skin and cause great scarring ./hyper/hypo-pigmentation.

To ensure the best removal, we must start the saline tattoo removal as soon as possible, because the skin is a live organ it is starting to heal itself, and once that has happened, the pigment begins its encapsulation process which allows the pigment to settle into the skin.

Clients who start their removal process as soon as possible see about 75-95% removal in just the initial session. So if you are within this key "Golden Time Frame" give us a call to schedule your emergency tattoo removal at (844)255-8734

Okay, so what if it has been longer than the Golden Frame of 72 hours?

We can still help you! However, we must wait until 8 weeks out before we can start your removal session to protect your skin. Remember the skin is healing from the inside out, and while it may appear to be healed on the surface, underneath all of the layers are still actively repairing itself. I highly encourage that you book your consultation with us, that way you can start preparing you for your removal session.

Every tattoo is different, and often times the pigment implanted is unknown, therefore we can't tell you how many tattoo removal sessions you will need without you sending in a picture of your tattoo. Most people require a minimum of 3 sessions to achieve optimal results, You can text us a picture of the work you want to have removed to (844) 255-8734 !

So just to wrap things up, no matter how bad your brow tattoo is, the sooner you get started the better! If you have any further questions make sure you comment below or reach out! We would love to answer any of your questions and help you on your removal journey!

In love and light!

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